The Issues

Flood Mitigation

Flood mitigation is my top priority, and it has been since Day 1. In fact, I’m the only Candidate in the race for At-Large #4 who has made Flood Mitigation my priority since the beginning. I am also the only Candidate to attend the vast majority of Harris County Flood Control District meetings discussing with voters the pending Bond projects. Flooding Matters.

We literally can not afford to flood again. We need to implement actual solutions that address flooding in our worst-hit areas first.

Some additional flood mitigation solutions include additional inlets for drainage in our streets. Even simpler, we need a policy that states if a tropical storm type of system is moving through our area, then we temporarily suspend recycling day and no grass clippings are to be left at the curb. During TS Imelda, one resident removed 4″ of grass clippings from a drain in her street to prevent her street from flooding.

Over $900 million has been collected in the Drainage Fee since 2012. At best estimates, only 51% of that fee collected has gone towards actual drainage projects. We need to make sure those funds go only towards actual drainage projects, instead of staff expenses and salaries.


Crime Reduction

With violent crime statistics on the rise, we need additional Police Officers in our communities. We need them out of their cars and engaging the community in healthy ways to rebuild the relationship between HPD and the people of Houston.

With only around 2,000 HPD Officers actually committed to patrol in Houston, but over 23,000 registered gang members, the relationship between HPD and the community is more important now than ever.

Houston needs a new Police Chief who will support community safety, rather than be a barrier. After standing beside the two dirty cops responsible for the Harding Street raid even after their arrest, HPD Chief Acevedo should have been fired immediately.

We are one of only a few Cities whose policies are redacted. Letting the community know what policies our police are following in various situations is the first step in rebuilding trust in Houston.

Approximately 40% of our Police Force is eligible for retirement today. If we do not bring on additional police officers now, our staffing crisis, and crime, will only get worse.

Pay the Firefighters

Whether or not you agreed with Prop B at the time, it was passed by an overwhelming majority of the Voters and should be implemented immediately. I supported Prop B, and I’ve stood with the Fire Fighters as they’ve unfortunately had to fight against a petty and vindictive Mayor who would rather spend taxpayer money fighting the will of the voters than he would pay Houston’s heroes. We are hemorrhaging trained Fire Fighters at an alarming rate. The Mayor’s campaign against our Fire Fighters needs to end immediately, for the good of all of Houston, and for the sake of Houston’s Heroes.


The City’s activities with education are limited and they should be, but that does not mean the City cannot be a valuable partner for local school districts. We need to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs to bring additional Clubs into the neighborhoods where they are most needed. The City should also partner with and encourage more local business partnerships with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Houston, to promote their mentoring program and other activities. Both of these partnerships will help to get Houston’s kids off the streets after school, and keep Houston’s kids safe.

end pay to play

Shady and corrupt contracts with the City, passed out to those who make the biggest campaign contributions to the Mayor, will end in my term on City Council. These contracts will undergo a thorough review, and be fully transparent so people can know what is being bid on, and by whom. We will end the practice of changing subcontractors on projects after Council has approved the project, and we will fight to make sure truly local companies are the ones getting the business- not large, out-of-state campaign contributors.

Lower Taxes

Houston families are hurting enough after now two floods in just two years. The last thing they need is City Hall taking more of their money through taxes and fees, after already failing to protect them from flooding.

I was the only candidate in At-Large #4 to speak out against the County’s plan to raise taxes, and I will absolutely advocate for Houston’s hurting families while on City Council. The revenue cap put in place by voters should be kept. We need to deliver smarter solutions, not higher tax bills.

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